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Updated: May 20

Discover how to get started with the My Finance Agent App (powered by Dosh) in less than five minutes. Our award-winning app consolidates your financial data into powerful dashboards designed to inform, empower, and drive the right habits—habits that can accumulate into you achieving your financial goals faster.


Paths to improvement


Are there aspects of your life that you'd like to enhance or transform? Most people are working on something they'd like to improve. For example, eating more healthily, reading more books, or, the topic of this article, feeling fully in control of their finances.

The good news is that there are various different strategies to approach a goal. Some people like to create a checklist, ticking off to-do items along the way. Others find it motivating to work towards dates and deadlines on the calendar.

My Finance Agent App for better money management

We are the sum of our habits

There is also an alternative school of thought that says that cultivating the right habits is more important than the goal itself. After all, someone who makes it a daily habit to take a brisk walk is likely to improve or maintain a certain level of fitness, whether or not their goal is to do so.

This is the concept behind wearable fitness devices. They record and visualise the wearer's activity habits. This can be both motivating and enlightening!

My Finance Agent App - like a Fitbit for your finances

When it comes to effective money management, our observation reveals that the most successful people tend to adopt a balanced combination of approaches. They usually have a clear vision of their future financial goals, as well as a workable plan that cultivates the right financial habits.

However, the challenge lies in maintaining a good overview of your finances, which can often be more intricate than it appears...

Financial blind spots 

One of the key stumbling blocks is financial blind spots. While many people readily apply the power of positive habits to improve their physical health, such as wearing an activity tracker or sticking to a fitness routine, considerably fewer apply similar principles to their financial health.

Consider this: How frequently do you analyse your spending habits, review your superannuation balance, keep tabs on your saving goals, or track your changing net wealth? The answer is likely "not as often as you'd like."

Why is that? Because it is a time-consuming and daunting task! Our financial information is typically scattered over numerous locations. Most people have multiple bank accounts spread over different institutions, not to mention investments, loans, superannuation, assets, insurance, and so on.

Our mission is to see you succeed

When we committed to our mission of helping clients achieve their full financial potential, we also committed to equipping our clients with the right solutions and tools.

That's why we chose dosh as our technology partner. Dosh is an award-winning Australian app developer who designs tech solutions to help financial experts support their clients better.

Dineiro is an Australian award-winning app developer
Did you know... You may be closer to the goal of buying a home than you think. First home buyers need as little as a 5% deposit. Talk with us to find out more!

With the My Finance Agent App (powered by Dosh) you can see the small details + the big picture


From the convenience of your smartphone, you can link, integrate and visualise all of your financial information and assets in one convenient application. Think of it like having a Fitbit for your finances!

At a glance, you can see how much you spent on, say, groceries or eating out last month. You can track your savings goals, quickly see your loan balances, if your super is growing, and more. (There are even more tools in the pipeline.)

My Finance Agent App for better money management

As your trusted loan expert, we can see your high-level data on our dashboard. When we meet with you, we use this overview to help develop and hone your game plan. We cannot see your bank statements, transactional data, nor any other specific information.

Security is also a top priority. For a start, the app is non-transactional. You cannot move money or make payments using the app. Additionally, it is fully encrypted end-to-end, stores no bank login information, and is subject to third-party penetration testing every six months.



Verify your app account and link a bank account

Estimated time: 5 minutes 

Set up your Dosh account

  1. On the welcome screen, enter your mobile number.

  2. You will be sent a 6-digit code via SMS to verify your mobile. If you don't get the code within 60 seconds, you can click 'resend' to try again.

  3. Set a 4-digit PIN code which you will use for future logins.

  4. You will see the 'Terms and Conditions' screen only once. It provides details about our safety and security.

5. Once you have accepted the Terms and Conditions, you will be prompted to answer three questions: your marital status, number of dependents, and date of birth. Rest assured, your data will be kept confidential and secure.


Link a bank account

  1. Select your institution from the grid or search and select it. There are over 330 in our current database.

  2. Read 'How You'll Share Your Data' and click 'Get Started.'

  3. Select 'Sharing Period' (90, 180, or 365 days) and scroll down.

  4. Tick the boxes 'Your Account Details' and 'Transaction Details' and click 'I Consent.'

5. Click 'Connect.'

6. Enter your financial institution-supplied login details. These will never be stored in any of our systems.

7. Select any accounts you wish to add. You may like to start with just one transactional or savings account.

8. If you have accounts with more than one financial institution (bank, credit card, loan, super etc.) and would like to add them now, click 'Save & Link More Accounts' to select another institution and repeat the process.

9. When finished adding accounts, click 'Save & Finish' to import your data into the app.


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Got a question?

You can open a tech support ticket or call our tech support team on 1300-143-456 during business hours. 


Next week, we're going to show you how to set up a saving goal and track your progress! 


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