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Track your spending, savings, investments, assets and net worth all in one game-changing money app 

My Finance Agent App | Dosh| Save for a first home deposit
My Finance Agent App | Dosh| See where your money is being spent
My Finance Agent App | Award winning money management app
My Finance Agent App | Award winning money management app
My Finance Agent App | Award-winning money management app
My Finance Agent App | Best money management app
My Finance Agent App | Award winning money management app

Elevate your money game

Visual tools that power up your finances

Save faster for a home deposit or other milestones  

Pay off your mortgage and loans sooner 

Analyse your spending habits 

Free up cash with a workable budget 

Plan for retirement and future goals 

Easily keep track of assets & your net financial wealth 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the My Finance Agent App work?


The My Finance Agent app is powered by dosh. Dosh is an award-winning platform that leverages the open banking framework as well as selected third-party data providers to allow customers to link their institution accounts (bank accounts, credit cards, loans, vehicle financing, mortgages, super etc.), as well as owned vehicles and owned property into a single, easy to use application. As we continue to expand the app, we have several new and innovative tools coming to make visualising your finances even more powerful.

Is the My Finance Agent App safe and secure?

Very safe and secure. For your protection and peace of mind, we have taken several steps to ensure that all financial data and customer accounts are protected:


  • We do not store bank login detailsWhen you link your accounts, you will use your bank login details. Once authenticated, we use a supplied alphanumeric key to securely access financial data from then on. We do not store bank login details anywhere at any time.

  • Encrypted end-to-end: All communications with our data partners are 100% encrypted end-to-end. This includes our communication with financial institutions and your broker, advisor and any other financial professionals.

  • Geo-restricted to AustraliaOur app can only be downloaded from the Australian Apple App Store and Google Play Store and our data is stored on secure servers in Sydney. We have specifically chosen to geo-restrict the application to further enhance our security.

  • No transactions: At no time can any financial professional or customer perform any transaction through the app. In the unlikely event of a breach, our app data as read-only to ensure no impact to your banking accounts or portfolio at any time.

  • Third party tested: The app is subject to independent safety and security testing twice a year. Dosh's most recent test was conducted by CloudTrace where the app passed the semi-annual penetration test. Results are available upon request.

Do I need to be a My Finance Agent client to use the app?


No, you do not have to be a current My Finance Agent client to qualify for access. But you will need to submit your details in the form above so that we can set you up in our system. We respect your privacy. You may unsubscribe from communications or delete the app at any time. Please call us on (02) 8313-8400 if you have any questions.

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