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What is an investment loan?

An investment property loan is a loan you take out to buy a property that you do not plan to live in. In most cases, the aim is to lease the property to a tenant who pays rent in exchange for living in, or conducting business from, the property.

What you need to know about investment loans


  • Investment loan lenders often require a lower loan-to-valuation ratio (LVR) than with owner-occupier lending. This means that investor buyers need a bigger deposit relative to the loan amount than buyers who plan to live in the home.

  • Investment property loans usually come with a higher interest rate than owner-occupier home loans.

  • Expenses associated with buying, maintaining and improving the property, such as loan interest, account keeping fees, rental agent charges and building maintenance, can usually be claimed as tax deductions to reduce your taxable rental income and/or capital gains tax.

  • Tax planning is an important aspect of property investing, including the possible benefits and risks of negative gearing.

  • If this is your first investment property, we've got you covered. Our brokers are experts in investment property lending for investor novices and professionals alike.

Why invest in real estate

Nobody has a crystal ball, but historically speaking, Australian property has shown reliable average growth over a period of many decades. Nonetheless, it's important to invest carefully. As with any type of investing, there are risks. This is why we equip our clients with a range of free property research tools, to help you find the right property, as well as expert investment loan advice to set you up for success right from the beginning.

Free Guide to Purchasing Your First Investment Property


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Investment home loan rates Australia

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Investment property loans Australia

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Investment property loans Australia

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Investment property loans Australia

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Frequently asked questions about investment loans

Do you need to already own a property to buy investment real estate?


​No. Many people buy an investment property before they buy their first owner-occupier home. Property ownership may unlock benefits such as passive income, access to a line of credit at mortgage rates, tax advantages and more.

Do you need a cash deposit to invest in property?


Not necessarily. If you are already a homeowner or mortgage borrower, you may be able to release equity from your existing property to buy an investment property. 'Equity' is the difference between the value of your property and the amount you owe on your home loan. 

Are mortgage rates higher for investment properties?

Compared with owner–occupier home loans, mortgage interest rates are generally 0.50 to 0.75% higher  for investment properties. This difference may be offset by tax benefits and claimable deductions.


We look forward to helping you find the lowest investment home loan rate and the best loan structure to achieve your investment goals.​

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