Mortgage Refinancing

Want a better deal on your home loan?

Refinancing can potentially save you thousands of dollars and years in repayments.


You may even be able to refinance with the same lender with a new loan that comes with better rates and terms, tailored to your unique circumstances.

Are you paying too much interest on your current loan? 

Could you reduce or extend your loan term to better suit your circumstances?

Are you looking for extra loan facilities? Interest offset or redraw? 

What is mortgage refinancing?

Refinancing describes replacing your existing loan with a new one.


You can do this by moving your loan to a new lender or updating the terms with your existing lender. Borrowers typically refinance to get a lower interest rate or more flexible terms.​

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What are the benefits of refinancing?

There are numerous potential benefits that come with refinancing, especially in the current low-interest environment.


Reduce your loan repayments

A lower interest rate can reduce your monthly payments and free up some extra cashflow.


Cut years off your loan term

More flexible terms can allow you to make extra monthly repayments. This, combined with a lower interest rate, means you can pay off your loan faster by maintaining your current monthly repayments. It also means you'll save money that would otherwise have been spent on interest.

Free up cash

If you have a home loan you can access equity from your  loan to finance renovations and other costs that you might have.

Improve the terms of your loan

If you want to set up an offset account, redraw facility, split your loan or anything in between, then refinancing to a loan that fits your finances and lifestyle could help you plan for the future.

What about debt consolidation?

A debt consolidation loan combines multiple existing debts into a single new loan. 


The benefit of consolidating your debts is that you may be able to reduce your repayments and interest exposure by combining high-interest loans (eg. credit cards, car loans or personal loans) into your home loan at a lower interest rate.

That being said, debt consolidation doesn't come without consequences. We can help to analyse your situation and consider all of your options.

We'll Do The Research For You

Don't have time to research loan products and analyse the benefits? We do all of that for you.

It's smart to regularly research and compare your home loan with others on the market to make sure you're getting the best deal available.

We begin by comparing your current home loan with other loans on the market and can come back to you with a detailed analysis and recommendation.

More Choice = Bigger Savings

We have access to a panel of more than 30 lenders.

Use our calculators to explore your borrowing power or enquire online to talk with a mortgage specialist.

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